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Welcome GRINGOS DA CII!!! Wait, what? What is this girl who doesn't even know how to choose a name for her blog is talking about? Lol First I want to explain what "GRINGOS DA CII" means because I'm referring to you who are reading my blog. In Brazil, the word GRINGO (male) or GRINGA (female) means simply foreigner and has no connection to any physical characteristics or specific countries.  Now, knowing that you're Gringos, should I call you my gringos? Yaaayyy!!! Cii's gringos? It sounds cute, doesn't it? It's exactly what I called you in the first paragraph but it was in Portuguese. Now that you know what that means I still need to explain what "CII EU TE CONTAR..." means in English.  Oh God, this is gonna be hard hahaha. Someone help me!!!! lol Okay, let's do it ...  When I was thinking about the name, I had this idea to put my nickname on it. Why? I don't know, I just like the idea to have my name on a blog lol It sounds original. After…

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